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Shandong Benai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company committed to the research, development and application of new energy, new materials, biotechnology and environmental protection materials as the main business. The company is committed to developing a variety of high-end low-carbon, environmental protection, superconducting type of new materials, products are mainly used to dry a variety of buildings, products, internal and external walls and objects surface. Basic product technology is developed in cooperation with a number of well-known colleges and research institutions in China, the company and Shandong Huiyuan Building Materials Group Co., LTD., the two sides in the low-carbon, environmental protection, energy-saving coating in-depth cooperation, the company has been successfully developed and applied to new energy solar power generation. New energy electric vehicle power battery, new energy energy storage battery, constant temperature cold storage, cold chain logistics, building interior and exterior roof insulation and waterproof, basement insulation moisture-proof and condensate prevention, cold storage insulation, ocean container constant temperature and other application scenarios. Product performance can be waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti-high temperature, anti-low temperature insulation, constant temperature, heat insulation, heat dissipation integration of excellent performance, this product is a set of simple construction can spray brush, space saving, high construction efficiency and ultra-high cost performance in one is a new alternative to traditional insulation, insulation, waterproof materials of superior products! Companies adhering to the quality di, technological innovation, service first, win-win cooperation, common development of the business philosophy, we sincerely invite people with lofty ideals to create brilliant!